Regional Ambulance Service Hollands Midden (RAVHM)

Our public organisation provides 24/7 all ambulanceservices for the 780.000 inhabitants and 500.000 vistors/year of the region Hollands Midden on the west coast of The Netherlands.
With 240 ambulancenurses, emergency technicians and medical dispatchers we cover an area of approximately 875 square kilometers with 30 ambulances and 9 stations.

In close cooperation with the level 1 traumacenter of the Leiden University Hospital we have introduced and will introduce several innovations and new procedures. We helped and help to develop the national ambulance protocols, we teach and train hospital and military personnel and staff and  take part in scientific research. Our main office is located in the city of Leiden and is also the home of our trainingscenter and largest ambulancestation.

The dispatchcenter Hollands Midden is located in the consolidated dispatchcenter of the regions Hollands Midden and The Hague and is part of the National Police organisation. Finally, our mission statement is summarized in our slogan “Excellent ambulancecare will save lives; we will do everything to make this happen”.

Contact details:
Visitors: Vondellaan 43, 2322 AA Leiden 
Mail:  Postbus 121, 2300 AA Leiden, The Netherlands
Phone:  +31 71 5730000
Fax:  +31 71 5730099
 e-mail:   This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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Ambulance service RAV Hollands Midden launches VIL

Ambulance service RAV Hollands Midden launches VIL (Determination (of the) Incident Location)

First ambulance tool in the Netherlands which uses GPS information of smartphone users in order to locate their exact location

Leiden, 17 September 2015

RAV Hollands Midden launched VIL during the annual ‘Euro Navigator’ in Leiden. An international congress for 112 dispatchers. With this tool, the emergency dispatchers of the regional ambulance services are able to locate the exact location of a person in need with just one text message. This makes RAV Hollands Midden the first emergency service in the Netherlands who uses the GPS data of smartphone users. RAV Hollands Midden has brought VIL into operation immediately. 


[foto lancering | link naar filmpje lenferink | naam fotograaf: norbert waalboer fotografie]

Major of Leiden and chairman of safety region Hollands Midden, Henri Lenferink, gave the starting signal during the congress. A movie was shown in which the major explains how VIL works. VIL ensures that ambulances are on location much faster.

Q and A VIL

The Regional Ambulance Service Hollands Midden introduces VIL

Determination (of the) Incident Location

September 17, 2015

About VIL: What is VIL exactly

The Dutch abbreviation VIL stands for the Determination (of the) Incident Location.

A regular problem for 112-dispatchcenters for EMS is a caller in distress, who does not know their exact location. This causes delays for first responders. VIL is an innovative solution for this problem. This tool enables dispatchcenters to determine the exact location of a caller in a simple and fast process. VIL uses Flag Mii, an Italian innovation developed by Regola. This Italian company has a twenty years experience in developing digital and automatic response to medical emergencies and develops emergency communication platforms for the international market.