Management & staff

Management team

Jan de Waard

Chief Planning Office Manager and Acting General Manager

My focus is on:

  • The emergency dispatch centre and all non-operational processes (Training, Quality Assurance, Research & Development and Facility Affairs)

‘An innovative organization with highly motivated employees that is constantly improving in order to deliver the best services to our patients. I want to be part of that!’

Marthe Cramer

Chief Operations Manager

My focus is on

  • The daily operational process: this is my top priority
  • Personnel policy: we take good care of our healthcare providers
  • Healthcare services network partners: our patient needs us all

 ‘At Hollands Midden Regional Ambulance Service, there is always room for further development. Not only with regards to our professional healthcare but also for us as people.’

Johan van Rhijn

Policy and communications advisor

My focus is on

  • Supporting our management
  • External communications
  • Emergency SOS access

‘Ambulance care is a fascinating part of healthcare. I feel a strong tie with this work. The Hollands Midden Regional Ambulance Service focuses on the patient; it is authentic and innovative. And it is a privilege to work here.’

Laura Immerzeel

Management Assistant

My focus is on

  • Supporting our management
  • Managing the management team’s diaries
  • Secretarial office

‘The Hollands Midden Regional Ambulance Service is an organization dedicated to caring well for its patients. I love working together as part of a great team, providing support whenever its needed.’

Ed Kester

Head of financial administration

My focus is on

  • Providing correct and timely financial information so that our organization can make the right decisions
  • To support the Ambulance Service and its employees as a financial department to the best of our abilities

‘I am proud to be able to fulfil my function as part of the Ambulance Service. Every day this organization gives me and my team the positive energy we need in order to perform our work as well as possible. Hollands Midden Regional Ambulance Service takes care not only of its patients but also its employees.’


Koos Uljee

Team manager Leiden

My focus is on

  • Maintaining a well running operational process
  • Ensuring the well-being of the ambulance crews
  • Working together to improve healthcare

‘I have been working in this service for many years with great pleasure. It is an excellent employer that looks after the welfare and development of its employees. I feel valued.’

Daniël van Campenhout

Team manager Gouda

My focus is on

  • Keeping the team in balance
  • Helping individual employees to be fit to work with pleasure

‘The responsibility and freedom that I get as a supervisor to ensure that my staff are ready day in and day out to provide excellent ambulance services in our region – this is the reason that I am wide awake every day five minutes before my alarm goes off!’

Richard Krijger

Team manager Alphen

My focus is on

  • Maintaining a trusting working atmosphere through open and honest communication
  • Being a link between management and the mobile service
  • Maintaining and optimizing our collaboration with healthcare and emergency partners

‘I like working for the Hollands Midden Regional Ambulance Service as this organization is constantly on the move and dares to innovate. The Hollands Midden Regional Ambulance Service gives employees the freedom to develop themselves further.’

Xander Kluts

Team manager Emergency Dispatch Centre

My focus is on:

  • Maintaining the proper functioning of the emergency dispatch centre by getting the best out of our people and resources
  • Ensuring optimal cooperation with emergency dispatch centre at the YP and our other healthcare and emergency partners
  • National point of contact for Advanced Medical Priority Dispatch System AMPDS® , for example, on protocols and training

 ‘My heart lies in the emergency dispatch centre: the portal to our ambulance services. The Hollands Midden Regional Ambulance Service offers plenty of freedom for new developments. I like working here because we strive for the highest level of ambulance healthcare.’


Angela Langeveld

Complaints Officer, Secretary Emergencies Committee

My focus is on

  • Quality improvement
  • Complaints management
  • Patient safety

 ‘Signals that can lead to improvements or changes in our care are quickly identified, and lead to proposals for improvements. In this way, we are able to learn continuously, and I’m proud to contribute to this!’

Hans-Eric van Dragt

Regional quality coordinator / policy

My focus is on

  • Quality management
  • Patient safety
  • Document management

‘The Hollands Midden Regional Ambulance Service is a professional and ambitious organization where I have the opportunity, together with a lot of very pleasant colleagues, to contribute to further improving ambulance healthcare.’

Ada Vogelaar

Regional Training Coordinator

My focus is on

  • Developing challenging training for paramedics, EMT’s and dispatchers
  • Assisting in maintaining the skills and competence of our professionals

 ‘The Hollands Midden Regional Ambulance Service believes in the importance of quality education for its employees. I like contributing to that.’

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