Report medical details

There may be medical situations that would benefit from early warning from our paramedics if a report is related to a particular address. A so-called Appointment on Location (AOL) can be created for this at the emergency dispatch centre.

What is an AOL?

When a report of a specific address is received, a pop-up automatically appears on our screen with the medically relevant information entered. The report can be made by the patient or by his GP. We will periodically check whether the AOL is still in force and whether the address details are still up to date.

Who can apply for an AOL

The application for an AOL is made by the relevant patient or his general practitioner / medical specialist. If applicable, the application can be made on behalf of the patient by his / her legal representative.

How does the placement of an AOL work?

After you have completed the form completely, the medical manager ambulance care (MMA) assesses whether an AOL can offer added value. The MMA requires the patient’s permission to contact the treating physician or general practitioner if there are any uncertainties or additional information is required. You will then receive further information about whether or not to place the AOL.

In order to process this report properly and sufficiently guarantee your security and privacy, we need at least the following information: (mandatory fields)

  • Patient name
  • Address AOL: street, house number (with possible addition) and place
  • Applicant’s contact details: email and (mobile) telephone number
  • Contact details of the treating GP or specialist email and telephone number
  • Signed permission to contact the practitioner or GP about the patient in question
  • The clinical picture on the basis of which the AOL is deemed necessary
  • The expected complications
  • The desired actions of our ambulance staff
  • Other information deemed relevant
  • Date until when the appointment is effective

You will receive a confirmation of this request by email. We request that you send a copy of the patient’s ID to confirm identity. (Photo and social security number can be blurred)  Please use the addition of this copy to the reply to the email you receive from us. Your copy ID will then be sent securely. After confirmation the copy of the patients ID will be safely destroyed.

If there is a move or the appointment has expired, we request that you inform us as soon as possible.

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